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“I was so happy to be back and have the chance to learn from the faculty and the participants through the masterclasses and performances. What I have felt both times coming to Frost is that it is such a warm and supportive environment, and I truly appreciate this because festivals rarely make one feel safe to make mistakes/push their personal comfort zone in the spirit of learning and growing as an artist the way Frost does.”
---Avery Gagliano, 17
“The Chopin Academy taught me to really pay attention and listen to the very fine details of music, many of which I had never noticed before. Even though these changes might be small, my appreciation of music has grown vastly.”
---Shuheng Zhang, 17
“I learned an incredible amount through lessons, workshops, concerts, interacting with the other participants, and even the Polish dance workshop! I found the entire experience to be very enriching and educational while also being fun-- it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.”
---Eriko Darcy, 17
“The Frost Chopin Festival Academy was a really great experience for me to learn all of Chopin’s works, attending the master lessons for myself and peers all in an intensive 10-day program. After watching these artists/teachers’ concerts, I now have a deeper understanding of Chopin. Not only are they great Chopinists, they are truly great people and like a big family. I really wish to come again to learn more works!”
---Eric Guo, 16
“I believe I can speak for all of the students attending when I say that it was an incredible 10 days studying with world-renowned artists, befriending other young pianists, and celebrating the life and work of Fryderyk Chopin. The Festival was an unforgettable journey that I hope to return to again and again.”
---Angeline Ma, 16
“The Festival was an amazing learning experience, and I especially enjoyed the wide range of performances and interpretations. Furthermore, to be able to have the great pleasure and honor of taking lessons with so many distinguished masters - and at one setting! - was something I will always cherish.”
---Athena Deng, 16
“The Academy was such a great experience for all of us. I especially felt so inspired having the opportunity not only to perform solo, but with the wonderful Escher Quartet.  The masterclasses were stimulating and really opened my eyes to so many new and interesting things. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of all of it. I truly hope to come back year after year to be a part of it!”
---Chelsea Guo, 18
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from such knowledgeable, inspiring, and helpful teachers.  This experience is one I will never forget.  I also very much appreciate all the hard work put into making this festival a success, from the amazing faculty, the concerts, and the inspiring artists that performed.  I definitely hope to return to the Festival next year!”
---Parker van Ostrand, 16