Music Minor with Piano as Main Instrument

For non-music majors wishing to audition in piano in order to declare a Minor in Music

  • WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANY ADDITIONAL REQUESTS for elective lessons from non-FSM students for the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • In order to declare a Minor in music, you must first audition on an instrument and register with the Frost School of Music as a Minor. Minoring in music is an option available to non-music students who have already been accepted as a student at the University of Miami.
  • Depending on teacher availability, there may, or may not be auditions held each semester. Please look out for announcements (by clicking here: Placement Audition Information regarding openings and audition dates if you would like to audition in piano.
  • Approval is based on skill level as well as space availability. It is expected that those approved into the program make satisfactory improvement and show commitment necessary to continue beyond one semester of lessons. The lessons may not be continued for those students who do not meet these criteria.
  • A fee ($300/credit for 30-minute lessons/week) is assessed for private instruction. To fulfill the performance-study portion of the Music Minor requirements, you must take 4 semesters of 1-credit private lessons.
  • Taking 2-credit level private lessons for 2 semesters does not satisfy the 4-semester requirement.
  • You may choose to take 2-credit level private lessons with the approval of the Program Director, but you must play a performance jury at the end of the semester.
  • For the current music minor requirement: click here to see the “Declaration of Music Minor” form which lists all the requirement

Auditioning Procedure

  • Determine if there are openings for the semester.
  • Schedule an audition by following the announcements or by contacting the Program Director at
  • Audition requests for days/times other than what is announced will not be honored.
  • An approval form must be filled out before bringing it to the audition. The form can be found at:
  • After the audition, if you are approved for lessons, bring the approval form together with the lesson approval form to:
    1. Alina Guevara in PLF North 108 first, then to
    2. Your school/college in order for the Minor to be reflected in the academic record