Group Piano

Keyboard Studies Program at the Frost School of Music

Keyboard Studies program is offered in 4 levels—MKP 140, 141, 240, 241—to satisfy the Keyboard Skills requirement within the Experiential Music Curriculum. Placement examinations for incoming Freshmen are held during the orientation week. If you have no prior piano/keyboard experience, you will not have to take this placement exam as you will automatically placed in the first level course, MKP 140. Depending on your particular program, the requirement varies from 2 levels to all 4 levels.

Waiver Testing for Continuing Students

If you are a returning student and wish to be “waived out” of any of the levels, the testing is offered only up to the end of the “Add” period of the semester (Ex. 9/2/2015) in which you are required to take the course. The following waiver testing requests will not be honored: 1) for having neglected to register for the course; 2) for not having room in your schedule. If you are currently in one of the Keyboard Studies classes, it is recommended that you consult with your current instructor for recommendation/approval before arranging for waiver testing as testing is given only once for the same level course

  • Test schedule for each semester: beginning of the semester up to the last day of “add.”
  • A sign-up sheet is available at PLF South 214 for testing in the beginning of an academic year.
  • Exam Rubric for waiver testing is no longer available to students prior to the testing. Portions of the exam that need preparation will be given ahead of time. For questions, contact the Program Director (
  • Last day to request waiver testing: before the end of the day on Friday prior to the “Add” deadline, or your requests will not be honored.

It is student’s responsibility to confirm the required number of semesters of keyboard prior to taking the waiver test

PLEASE NOTE the new course rotation as follows.

  • Fall semester: MKP 140 (Leve I) and MKP 240 (Level II)
  • Spring semester: MKP 141 (Level II) and MKP 241 (Level IV)

Please carefully discuss schedule with your advisor with the above information in mind, or you will risk not being able to finish your requirement in a timely manner.

  • Required text: Alfred’s Group Piano for Adults, 2nd Edition (E. L. Lancaster and K. Renfrow)
  • Examinations: 3 examinations per semester.
  • Recommended practice outside of class: 20-30 minutes each day
  • Practice: Yamaha Lab (WML 138) open hours for practice: M-TR 7-10 PM, Sun 4-10. 
    • Every effort is made to keep both keyboard labs open in between classes. Please feel free to ask for help/tutoring from any of the Keyboard TAs in between classes—they are there to help you regardless of your section/level enrollment.

If you are a NON-MUSIC MAJOR interested in taking a group-piano course as an elective, please look for offerings in MKP 111 and 112. These classes fill out very quickly, so early registration is recommended.